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Preventing Carjacking / Theft

As a premier Cheap Auto Insurance provider in one of the most densely populated regions in America, IFA advises New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland auto insurance policy holders to be aware of the risk of car theft. According to cheap auto insurance providers nationwide, car theft may not always be preventable but there are strategies that can reduce the chances of having your car stolen. Car thieves have certain identifiable techniques they use to prey on unsuspecting drivers. Knowing how to avoid or ameliorate these techniques can help prevent your car from being stolen, or worse.

Minimizing Theft Potential

Some common strategies to minimize the danger of being carjacked are listed below:

  • Save your life first. The car should be second.
  • If another car bumps you from behind, stay inside your own vehicle with your windows and doors locked. Then, drive to the nearest police or fire station. If unsure where one is located, call 911 and inquire as to where the closest law enforcement is to your location and advise them of why you need to locate one.
  • Do not stop or use isolated ATM’s, pay phones or vending machines as you could become a carjacking victim.
  • Remain alert to people who lurk near or move towards your parked car.
  • Keep doors and windows closed and locked whether in or out of your car.
  • Park only in well lit areas.

Common strategies to prevent your car from being stolen are listed below:

  • Keep your vehicle’s registration car/papers in your wallet not your glove compartment.
  • Apply paint or indelible marker on your vehicle identification number (VIN) located under the engine hood, trunk lid and battery. The VIN number is also located on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car,
  • If you must leave personal property inside your vehicle, place it in the trunk.
  • If available, keep your car in a locked garage. Always keep your car doors locked when not in use,
  • Use a security apparatus such as a steering wheel or gear shift column lock..

In the event your vehicle is stolen, have the following information available for law enforcement:

  • Your car’s make, model and color
  • Approximate time of the theft
  • Description of anyone loitering near your car before the theft
  • Any witness names and contact details.