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Mature Drivers

Low Cost Car Insurance can be a great way to save on premiums for mature drivers. Individuals who are 55 years or older are far less likely to drive aggressively. This fact alone can reduce your rates. It is one of several reasons companies offering car insurance in NJ provide discounts for seniors. In addition, drivers who are 55 years of age or greater have often sustained clean driving records for long periods of time, which can also reduce payments. Yet, there are other factors that can affect seniors’ premiums, sometimes even adversely.

For example, older drivers as a group typically have slower response times and some have impaired hearing or vision. In addition, seniors who are required to use certain prescription medications may experience slower reflexes at times. Typically as people age, eyesight deteriorates as well, sometimes creating particular problems for night driving. Glare from oncoming headlights or city street lights can be a problem, too, as well as the need to simply have more light to see clearly. Along with these common visual concerns is the narrowing of peripheral vision in many aging adults. Combined with neck dexterity that may be compromised, restricted neck flexibility can be problematic if you are unable to see full side views of the vehicle.

Some Solutions

Low cost car insurance carriers such as IFA recommend seniors who may experience any loss of mobility or reaction time to take a defensive driving course designed specifically for seniors. Some losses can actually be compensated for and improve your skills as a driver. Taking such a class can help sharpen skills, increase general driving awareness and may even provide a discount on insurance premiums.

Further, IFA recommends anyone over 55 years of age who experiences difficulty driving at night may want to leave the car at home and look for alternative transportation for some outings. It is always better to be safe and avoid higher risk driving situations that can become dangerous not only to self but also to others.