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Driving in Bad Weather

Whether you have Low Cost Auto Insurance with IFA or not, driving in bad weather is never wise. With the recent bout of dangerous weather conditions in the northeast causing flooding, downed power lines and slippery road conditions due to snow or ice for NJ auto insurance policyholders, the dangers to both life and property have become obvious. Essentially, driving in bad weather is never warranted. In severe weather it is foolhardy. What’s more, if weather or road conditions become treacherous after you have begun travel, it is best to get off the road as soon as possible to avoid putting yourself or others in danger.

Both locally and nationally, driving in bad weather is a major cause of many accidents and loss of life. If you receive information about a hurricane, tornado, flood, ice, sleet or snow storm, IFA recommends you either postpone your trip or choose a route (only if possible) to avoid the storm that has been predicted. Further driving tips for low cost auto insurance drivers with IFA include:

  • If already traveling in bad weather travel, stay tuned to radio reports for frequent updates
  • If already driving in severe weather, don’t try and drive your way out of it; instead seek shelter immediately for both yourself and your vehicle until the storm passes.

Whatever the reasons for your travel, it is always wiser to change plans, postpone the trip or find a safe travel alternative than to risk yours or others lives in the process of driving in dangerous weather conditions.