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What To Do If There’s An Accident

Time-Saving And Safety Tips

Whether you have Maryland Auto Insurance or have low cost auto insurance with IFA in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, knowing what to do if there is an accident can save lives, as well as facilitate the claims process later on. The list of tips below can be invaluable if you are involved in an accident or come upon an accident scene..

What to do if there’s an accident

  • Stop the car and determine if anyone is injured.
  • Contact law enforcement and advise them of how many people may be injured and the nature of their injuries; law enforcement will contact medical personnel on your behalf.
  • Cover any injured people with blankets or clothing items to keep them warm.
  • Protect the accident scene by setting up flares, moving the car off the road and calling a tow truck.
  • Ask the investigating officer where you can obtain a copy of the police report. You will probably need it when you submit your claim to your insurance company.
  • Once law enforcement arrives, inquire as to where to obtain an accident report for the insurance company.
  • If your car is inoperable, have the car towed to a repair shop until an insurance adjuster can appraise the damage and begin repairs
  • Take notes; Maryland auto insurance carriers strongly advise drivers to keep a pad and pen in your glove compartment to document the following details for insurance purposes:
    • Names and addresses of all drivers and passengers in the accident
    • License plate numbers, make and model of all cars involved in the accident.
    • All drivers license numbers and their insurance company information.
    • Names and addresses of anyone witnessing the accident
    • Names and badge numbers of law enforcement and/or other medical personnel on the scene.

In the event you run into an unattended vehicle, object or property, try to locate the owner. If unable, leave a note with your name, address, email and phone number. Additionally record all details of the accident to the best of your knowledge.