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Cell Phones & Driving

For Maryland Auto Insurance policyholders, talking or texting on cell phones while driving just doesn’t mix. Of course, this is equally true for IFA policyholders in New Jersey and those covered with NJ and Pennsylvania auto insurance as well. Studies have demonstrated that drivers who are distracted by either talking, dialing, even listening with hands-free devices are less able to respond to situations that can cause accidents precipitated by the distraction.

Many municipalities, counties and states have banned the use of cell phones while driving. If you travel outside your own state, it is important to know these laws. For those individuals covered with Maryland auto insurance through IFA, you are prohibited from the following:

  • Text messaging is prohibited for all drivers
  • Handheld cell phone use prohibited for all drivers
  • Drivers under age 18 prohibited from all cell phone usage, including hands-free devices.

Individuals covered with IFA’s Pennsylvania auto insurance policies have the following restrictions:

  • Text messaging is prohibited for all drivers
  • No statewide limits on cell phone conversations at this time, although some local prohibitions may apply.

Individuals covered with IFA’s New Jersey auto insurance policies have the following prohibitions at this time:

  • Text messaging is prohibited for all drivers
  • Handheld cell phone conversations are prohibited for all drivers.

IFA encourages all drivers to be vigilant while using a hands-free cellular device while driving. While allowable by law under all states IFA writes for, drivers can still become distracted using hands-free cell phones, compromising focus on the task at hand, which is driving. It is best to pull over and stop the car even when using such a device, particularly if one is involved in a lengthy or engrossing conversation.