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Car Breakdown Safety

Pennsylvania Car Insurance tips include being vigilant and aware of safety procedures concerning disabled vehicles along roadsides or shoulders, be it your disabled vehicle or that of another driver’s. Sadly, one police officer a month is killed in such accidents nationally, though other pedestrians and tow truck drivers, construction workers and car owners also sustain injuries or death due to these situations. Whether you have NJ car insurance or are insured in Maryland, all drivers should be on the look-out for disabled vehicles while driving, as well as know the safest procedures to follow should your own vehicle become disabled.

The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recommends drivers follow the procedures below if you have a disabled vehicle:

  • Do not inspect or repair a damaged vehicle in a busy intersection or highway. Instead, move your vehicle to a safer place such as the shoulder or roadside, allowing as much clearance as possible from traffic before getting out of your car,
  • If your vehicle is inoperable, stay in or near your vehicle (if it is out of harm’s way) and call for help from your cell phone,
  • Cover any injured people warm with blankets or other clothing,
  • Carry and deploy flares and/or safety triangles to alert other drivers, along with ensuring your hazard lights are on,
  • If experiencing a flat tire or blowout, move your car to safe place before attempting to repair it. This should be done even if it further damages the tire or wheel, which is a far better alternative than injury or death due to being hit by oncoming traffic.

Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania car insurance policyholders should also be aware of the following procedures as drivers, when coming upon disabled vehicles:

  • It is important to always be aware of any disabled vehicle on the shoulder. Slow down when encountering them. This is as true for busy highways as it is for long seemingly empty stretches of road where you could suddenly come upon a disabled vehicle,
  • Always remain alert, voiding distractions inside your vehicle that could cause you to hit a pedestrian or vehicle parked just off the roadway.