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Auto Insurance Coverage Package
What is an Auto Insurance coverage package?
Compare Auto Insurance Quotes
How do I compare an Auto Insurance quote... ?
6 Month Policy vs. 12 Month Policy
What are the advantages of a 6 or 12 month options?
Driving History
What if I forget to inform you of a violation or claim on my driving record?
Compare Your Old Insurance To IFA’s to See How Much You Can Save
We invite you to get a cheap car insurance quote from IFA Auto to see how much you can save on premiums. Whether you had a Coverage Package with your previous carrier, a 6 month or 12 month policy, you will want to compare your old car insurance plan with IFA’s low cost car insurance plan(s) as accurately as possible. First, some basic information and tips on how best to get the best quote possible.
Auto Insurance Coverage Package:
Coverage packages provide a pre-selected coverage set that is bundled and sold as a unit. They have been purposefully designed for convenience based on frequent selections as determined by customer buying patterns and state required minimums. IFA offers several Coverage packages that are easy to compare by clicking on individual tabs. Corresponding premium rates are listed for each package. Further, it’s easy to compare IFA’s quote with your current policy just by clicking “customize”. This allows you to match your current limits with IFA’s. Learn More >
Compare Auto Insurance Quotes
How do I compare this quote with my current auto policy?
Clicking the "customize" option at the bottom of your quotation will allow you to match our coverage limits to your...

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6 Month Policy vs. 12 Month Policy:
When seeking quotes on the best coverage for your vehicle, you will also want to consider the 6 and 12-month options. There are advantages to each, depending on your lifestyle. However, the 12-month policy offers several practical advantages. First, most 12-month policies are lower in price, which is surely a consideration when getting a quote for cheap car insurance. Second, your rate will not change throughout the duration of the policy when buying a 12-month policy.Learn More >
Driving History
The quote IFA provides is based on information you provide. If you have given incomplete information about your driving history and we later discover updated information on your motor vehicle record and previous claim data, it could change your premium. We ask that you enter as thorough of a driving history as possible. When issuing a policy, IFA will verify all information that you provide. Any discrepant, outdated or missing information that affects the initial quote’s coverage or rates will be adjusted accordingly or cause your application to be denied or voided.