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Way To Save On Premiums With Maximum Convenience

There are several ways to pay for your low cost auto insurance at IFA Auto with the most convenient way being IFA’s Auto Pay Plan. Payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) so it couldn’t be easier. What’s more, payments are calculated over 10 months, with the initial payment at 20% and the remaining 9 payments at equal amounts. It’s one of the many ways we pass on savings to customers, offering the Cheapest Auto Insurance available today. Plus, while there is a $1 installment fee per payment, once enrolled in the program, you will save $36 a year over the standard plan’s $6 per payment fee.

Have More Questions?

We’ve outlined some of the most commonly asked questions that customers ask when purchasing the cheapest auto insurance through IFA’s Auto Pay Plan program.

How safe is it to enroll in Auto Pay Plan?

IFA uses the most sophisticated data encryption to protect your privacy as it travels from your browser to our server.

What Benefits Are Included in the IFA Auto Pay Plan?

  • Uninterrupted coverage as premiums are paid on time, as long as funds are available on the scheduled due dates and you remain qualified for the voluntary market.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of having your premiums paid automatically.
  • You will receive automatic payment reminders via e-mail 5 days prior to withdrawal date for each transaction that occurs.
  • Freedom to discontinue the program at any time with 3-day prior notification of next transaction.

Will I be notified when payments are made?

Yes. We send email notices for all transactions when they occur upon enrolling in electronic document delivery. Your only obligation is to ensure funds are available. We do the rest.

Is there any paperwork I need to mail to IFA?

No. Once you have completed the online application and enrollment form, your payments will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

Can I choose the payment date funds are deducted?

It is not possible to select your own date for your premium deduction. When offering the cheapest auto insurance online, all payments are determined by the effective date of your Auto Insurance policy.

What happens if policy changes affect my premium payments?

If you experience policy changes that affect your insurance rates, IFA Insurance will notify you from our secure Customer Center, as well via email 5 days prior to scheduled withdrawal.

What happens if I change bank accounts after enrolling?

It’s easy. Call us at 1.877.567.8940 to let us know your new bank information so we can update your records and prevent any service interruption.

How do premium payments appear on my checking account statement?

Similar to all electronic payment notations, your IFA Auto Insurance withdrawal will read as “IFA PYMT”.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my account or have invalid account information?

IFA reserves the right to discontinue your EFT premium payments if they fail to complete successfully. Any payment that is returned for insufficient funds or invalid account are subject to a penalty fee.

Can I withdraw from the Auto Pay program?

Yes. Just let us know by calling 1.877.567.8940 three business days prior to your automatic EFT withdrawal schedule date. Our Customer Care department will help you select an alternative payment option that is right for you