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Auto Insurance Coverage Package

What is a coverage package?

Much like other industries, cheap car insurance providers such as IFA have turned to bundling common coverage elements that are most often selected by those we insure. It is one of the many ways we can keep our costs contained and offer low cost car insurance that will keep your rates down. Essentially, a coverage package provides a series of pre-selected coverage items that comprise the primary elements of a policy that can be quoted on your initial application.

State Mandates and the Coverage Package

Because we write low cost car insurance for New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania, there are some differences in what each state requires to be covered on any auto policy. Generally, all U.S. states require bodily injury and property damage liability but coverage limits vary and are typically determined by each individual state.

Because of this, any state-specific minimum liability requirements, and physical damage coverage for collisions are factored into each coverage package we provide. Some packages may or may not include uninsured motorists, comprehensive, or collision coverage, though these options may exist in other package options.

Commonly Purchased Coverage

Besides mandates, consumers are offered several different coverage package options to choose from, based on what has been most commonly selected by other insured’s. To see which coverage package may best suit your cheap car insurance needs, simply click on the tab above each example that we provide to compare both different coverage packages, as well as their premium dollar amounts.

In addition, you can even compare any of our package coverage policies with your current insurance by clicking “customize”. This will allow you to match IFA’s coverage limits to coverage limits on your current policy.