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What To Expect After The Claim Is Reported

As one of the Cheapest Auto Insurance providers in the region, we continue to provide exceptional service both after an accident and throughout the claims process. Further, whether you are covered with Pennsylvania auto insurance, Maryland or New Jersey auto insurance, the process will be the same. Upon receiving all relevant information as detailed previously, we assign an appraiser to immediately assess the damage to your vehicle. We then send an acknowledgement to you indicating that your claim has been initiated.

The above mentioned acknowledgement will contain essential information for you to keep track of, including your claim number, claims representative and contact details. Should you need to contact IFA during any part of the claims process, it is important for you to have this information readily available when calling with questions concerning your claim..

Once the appraiser has completed his/her final assessment the appraisal will be uploaded electronically to the IFA Claims System. Upon receipt, IFA will then process a check and send it to your attention, along with the copy of the appraisal. In the event you have not selected a body shop to repair your vehicle, IFA will help by recommending a body shop in your area.

In short, IFA is available to help you through the entire claims process, part of which will include good communications and cooperation on your part as well. As the premier cheapest auto insurance provider in the region, our goal is to resolve your claim as quickly and fairly as possible. To that end, our representatives are available to explain and assist you every step of the way.