Know The FAQs

Additional Claim Information That May Be Required

One of the many benefits of IFA’s Cheap Car Insurance in the tri-state area we serve is our streamlined claims process. After reporting your accident, IFA will give you a Claim Number, which will be used on all correspondence and supporting documents relating to your accident. This will be true even if you are conducting your business through one of IFA’s low cost auto insurance agents or through IFA directly.

Additional Documents

Further, there will be more information you will be required to provide. Typically, we ask you to provide supporting documentation from the following sources:

  • Police Report
  • Medical Bills
  • Vehicle Location, if towed from scene

General Procedures

It should be noted that full cooperation with IFA Insurance is both essential and required for us to efficiently and thoroughly bring your claim to final resolution. To expedite procedures, we ask insured’s to provide any legal and/or medical papers concerning your loss as soon as you receive them. We also ask you to keep records of all expenses you incur and any relevant paperwork regarding your accident, as you may need to refer to these at a later date.

If you are contacted by an attorney representing another party involved in the accident, refer them to your IFA representative. IFA will represent you should a claim be brought against you, attempt to resolve that claim, or defend you if you are sued, per your policy’s terms and conditions. As a premier cheap car insurance provider, we offer full representation until your claim is finalized.