Pennsylvania Commonwealth Requirements

Drivers who own and operate a motor vehicle registered in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania must carry some form of Pennsylvania car insurance. Liability insurance is mandatory, whether self-insured or with a company, while additional coverage, including collision and comprehensive, is optional. Individuals seeking low cost car Insurance can therefore choose full coverage with a range of benefits but must at minimum obtain liability insurance, to legally drive in the commonwealth. (Self-Insurance Information is provided separately.)

Further, Pennsylvania provides legal protection for drivers obtaining low cost car insurance in that rates are determined by several criteria. Primary criteria include the type and age of the vehicle, average number of miles driven annually, any safety features, driving history, limits chosen, and the like. While IFA does procure credit information on Pennsylvania policyholders as permitted by law at time of issuance, we are prohibited in doing so at renewal time.

Requirements In Pennsylvania

The following insurance requirements are mandated by the Pennsylvania legislature:

Bodily Injury Liability:

  • $15,000 for injuries and damages per person per accident
  • $30,000 for injuries and damages for all individuals per accident

Property Damage Liability:

  • $5,000 minimum with increased coverage optional
  • Medical Benefits:

    • $5,000 minimum for injuries for self and others, regardless of fault, with higher coverage optional.

    In addition, the commonwealth mandates and provides for 2 tort options when purchasing Pennsylvania car insurance as follows:

    • Limited right to recover damages; excludes ‘pain and suffering recovery
    • Full right to recover damages; unrestricted right to bring suit against negligent party for all damages.

    Optional Insurance Coverage In Pennsylvania

    Whether purchasing low cost car insurance or not, Pennsylvania allows for a wide spectrum of additional coverage options. The basic provisions for optional coverage include, but are not limited to:

    • UM/UIM
    • Stacking of UM/UIM: coverage adding multiple vehicles and/or multiple policies in a household
    • Income Loss: pays a portion of lost wages due to injuries as a result of an auto accident
    • Funeral Benefit
    • Collision: Pennsylvania law automatically applies a $500 deductable unless a lower amount is requested by policyholder. Lenders typically require collision coverage even if though not mandated by the commonwealth.
    • Comprehensive: Again, typically required by most lending institutions.

    Assigned Risk Plan

    If a driver is unable to obtain insurance coverage from a low cost car insurance carrier, you can contact the commonwealth’s customer service department at 401.946.2800 or toll-free at 800.477.6146. All insurance companies are required to write some portion of business for the otherwise ‘uninsured’s’. As required by law, IFA participates in this requirement.