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Executive Overview - What is the IFA Affinity Auto Insurance Program?

The Affinity Auto Insurance Program is a voluntary, no cost benefit offered by IFA to companies or organizations seeking group car insurance in NJ. When you enter the program, your member will be able to shop for cheap car insurance in a fast and convenient way while being offered some excellent rates and discounts.

Members automatically qualify for a 10% guaranteed discount from IFA’s already competitive rates. Additional discounts up to 40% are available for those who qualify. Payments of premiums are simplified through convenient payment options including online credit card processing and EFT payment plans.

IFA provides quality coverage, convenience and exceptional claims service to save your members both time and money on their car insurance in NJ.

This program is made available by IFA Insurance Company. IFA is a New Jersey based insurer that has provided auto insurance in New Jersey since 1972. The company and its employees are dedicated to providing cheap car insurance for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland drivers. To learn more, read on, or call IFA at 1-877-432-2277.

How will members save money?

All members will enjoy a 10% automatic discount regardless of their driving experience or record. Additional discounts up to 40% are available. Members may also qualify for other discounts, such as:

  • Good Student Discount
  • Defensive Driver Discount
  • Anti-theft Device Discount
  • Safety Device Discount
  • Accident and Ticket Free Discount
  • Loyalty Discount

Special Points of Interest for members:

  • Members receive an automatic discount of 10%.
  • Special payment options creating easier and less expensive payments.
  • Enhanced service for all plan members.
  • Custom Intranet access to receive quotes and purchase a policy.
  • Online policy access to view coverage or make payments.
  • Exclusive 877 phone number for customer service.
  • Customers can access the IFA system from their company website.

As administrator what are my responsibilities?

We understand that you want to focus your time on your organization while providing members with a positive environment that includes comprehensive benefits for their car insurance in NJ. The Affinity Auto Insurance Program requires little effort on your part. We take care of the details but make certain that you approve all parts of the program.

As such, we take primary responsibility for every step in the program’s implementation. We do ask that you endorse the program for cheap car insurance throughout each step. Typically, we need your involvement deciding what level of marketing will be appropriate for your company during the planning and implementation of all program phases. The time spent is often minimal but is significant to the program’s success.

What are the payment options?

The Affinity Auto Insurance Program provides an attractive alternative to the standard way of paying for auto insurance. Policyholders have the option of having monthly premiums deducted from their checking account through EFT. Policyholders also have the option of paying premiums by credit card, either online or over the phone with an IFA licensed representative. Standard payment options are also available.

What level of service can we expect?

Members will have access to IFA for quotes, inquiries, policy changes and claims through our website or toll free number. We are ready to deliver priority service to your members, as we do with all of our customers. Members will have access to a dedicated customer intranet site as one way to facilitate exceptional service. The site provides policyholders with information specific to their policy, payment status and credit card payment options.

Who is eligible for the program?

All group members and their immediate family members who live in their household are eligible. IFA will not provide coverage to anyone who is otherwise not eligible for the voluntary insurance marketplace. This includes drivers with 7 or more motor vehicle or insurance points occurring within the last three years, or drivers who qualify for the state car insurance in NJ plan. Our experience shows that the vast majority of members are eligible for IFA’s group plan.

How Do Members Get A Quote?

To receive a no-obligation quote, members simply follow a link provided on their company website. The link takes them directly to IFA’s Group Auto site where they can receive a quote and buy the policy. If members decide to purchase a policy, they can complete the transaction online. Alternatively, members can call our toll free number and speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals.